Registered as AA / CA / CPA

Since 2008 Jim is registered with The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants, NBA).

In The Netherlands the professional title that comes with this registration is AA: Accountant-Administratieconsulent with certifying authority. This Dutch title is comparible with C.A.: Chartered Accountant (UK) or CPA: Certified Public Auditor (USA).

It all started at a Big Four firm …

Jim’s career started at EY. For 8 years he worked as an auditor (teamleader) and had clients in different industries.: Automotive, Consultancy, Financial services, Manufactoring and Trade. Managing quality, timing and resources for audits was Jim’s main task at EY.

Let’s create an online focussed accounting firm!

After years of developing his professional skills, now it was time to take it to the next level: Jim co-founded an accounting and taxconsulting firm. For 6 years Jim and his partner were strategically creating a local firm from scratch. Comply with strict NBA-regulations, setup of a modern IT environment, hire employees and develop new business where challenges Jim enjoyed managing.

Driven by Finance in transition

Creating an organization of his own Jim discovered that this is what he enjoys the most. Taking an organization or department to the next level, guide it through a transition. Since 2015 he took on projects as an independent interim manager and helped several organizations with their Finance transition. These transition projects were very divers: reorganize the Finance function , implement new systems / tooling or improve procedures (e.g. fast close).

So how can Jim help you?

Are you specifically looking for a professional to help you guide the change in your (Finance) organization? Or do you maybe just want to pick someone’s brain on a specific situation that will have to change in the near future?

Contact Jim and get acquainted!